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Hello everyone! I hope all is well for you and your families. I miss you all so much! I emailed everyone a code for “Happy Numbers”. If you didn’t get it please let me know. It seems like it is an age appropriate math skill site for our preschoolers. I can see the children who log on and their accomplishments. So if you haven’t logged on please check it out. Our Nursery Rhyme this month is “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary”. Our colors are black and white. I love seeing you in our Zoom calls but I wish it was in the classroom!



I have been going on virtual visits to the New England Aquarium. This is a fun site to learn about ocean animals!

On May 16th the New England Aquarium will be talking about their friend the octopus. I know how you all love this amazing creature! Check out their video if you can.

Alphabet Hopscotch


1. Start by writing the letter A

2. Then proceed to write B as well as another letter (like J or O).  The objective is to give them choices between two or three letters so they can make their way through the alphabet by identifying the correct letters.

3. Then write letter C and another letter (like K or L) . Continue until you’ve made it to letter Z.

4. Once finished, ask the child to start at the letter A and moved through the hopscotch by jumping to the next letter in the alphabet. Have fun!!

See you soon on Zoom!!

Mrs. Mercuri


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