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Hello everyone! I hope all is well for you and your families. I miss you all so much! I emailed everyone a code for “Happy Numbers” last week. If you didn’t get it please let me know. It seems like it is an age appropriate math skill site for our preschoolers. Maybe this week you could make a cross for Easter. Your child could rip paper and glue it on, or use tissue paper or anything you have on hand. Please send me pictures if you can. Also, this would be a review week for our letters. If you have any plastic letters at your house you could start with the letters from your child’s name or A-J and put them in a pan or Tupperware container. Pour some corn meal, oatmeal, rice or sand in the pan. Dig out a letter, say the letter, the sound it makes and something that starts with that letter. See if your child can spell out their names and put the letters in order. If you don’t have any plastic letters you can just make some letters on little pieces of paper.

This month we would have had purple day. If you dress up in purple this month send me a picture! Our shape is “OVAL”. Our nursery rhyme is “Humpty Dumpty”.



Here is a link from Mrs. Lavalle that is a wonderful resource for the children.

She was hoping they could listen to “Flight of the Bumble Bee” and see if they think it sounds like a real bumble bee. Feel free to listen to any of the music and if you would like to take a video I could send it to Mrs. Lavallee. She misses the children so much!



God gave me eyes to see his world, a nose for smells so sweet. God gave me ears to hear the sound of running, skipping feet. God gave me hands to fold in prayer, a mouth to help me pray. I’ll use all these for doing good and guard each word I say. Amen.

I miss you all and hope you are having fun. I will send another story today. Maybe ask your child some questions about the story after they listen. Keep practicing our prayers! Play outside, go for walks, see if you see any signs of Spring. I saw a robin the other day when I was walking my dog! I hope you all have seen one too!  Miss you all!

Mrs. Mercuri


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