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Share your art! If you’d like your artwork added to the website, send pics of COMPLETED projects (with name and grade in photo) to
You can see them HERE
Hello Everyone!
Hope you are staying safe and healthy and being kind to each other.
I’ve added some more ideas for drawing to your grade section for you to try.
 Also, please consider creating “Thank You” hearts to place in the  windows of your home to thank all of the essential and front line workers helping out every day to make us a little safer.
You can make them large or small, or maybe strings of them and decorate them with messages of hope to thank the doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, police,and so many more people taking care of our world every day.
Take care,
I miss you all,
Mrs. Gavriel


Pre-K thru K links for Art Activities

Hello !
I’ve posted some printables for your little ones,as well as a couple of simple painting ideas with plastic forks or q-tips to try. There is also a link to make ” cloud dough” to play with from 2 ingredients. I hope this helps distract them for a little while ♥️
Coloring and Painting Things::

Grades 1-5 links for Art Activities

Hello all !
Here are some activities and links to keep those creative minds and hands going ♥️
Love and  Art,
Mrs. Gavriel


Grades 6-8 links for Art Activities

Hello All!
Here is where you can find some activities and links to keep those creative minds and hands going ♥️
I have included a series of value exercises that can be done with a basic pencil. Hopefully you manage to follow along. IF you can find a roll of toilet paper, draw figure #4 ( include the texture,print,etc. of the tp you draw)  Share you’re finished drawings to!
I have included a color theory paper and a list of things to draw for inspiration as well.
Love and Art,
Mrs. Gavriel
Try tearing a picture from a magazine and glueing a piece of it to a paper, decide on your medium ( pencil,colored pencil, sharpie, crayon,etc.) and then choose how to finish the drawing.Will you make it realistic or will it be a fantasy creation ?- you decide!


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