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Please see the information below. It will be updated as weeks progress while we are away from school.

Please join Mrs. Farias’s classroom blog where you will find lots of information, materials, activities, and even a book club! All 5th grade parents should have received an email with a special code to join the blog.  If your student is in grade 5 and you didn’t receive the email, please contact me at



Grade 5 will begin a new book club book on Monday, March 25th.  Please purchase the new book, Save me a Seat by Sarah Weeks, before Monday.  Mrs. Farias sent an email out on Tuesday, March 24th.  If you did not receive the email, please contact Mrs. Farias.




Educational Kid’s Activities

Virtual Zoo

Grammar Blast

Ben’s Guide to the US Government

Your Resource for English Worksheets













Save me a Seat by Sarah Weeks

Save Me a Seat (Word Doc)

Save Me A Seat (PDF file)





Need a good book?  Visit this site Find a book







Here are some links to help you with you Colonial America Project

Colonial America – The 13 Colonies

Life in the 13 American Colonies

Daily Life in the American Colonies

13 Colonies

The American Revolution

More American Revolution Information

The History Place

The Road to Independence

Social Studies for Kids

Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, 1774 to 1789

Timeline of the Revolutionary War




We are running low on Clorox Wipes & Paper Towels, when classes resume please bring some in.



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