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Grade 4-2

Welcome to Mrs. Connor’s Class Website 


Week of March 19th

Storytown: “Hewitt Anderson’s Great Big Life” –Fairy Tale

Spelling Words: overactive, overbite, overboard, overdrive, overestimate, overhand, overheat, overpass, overreact, underline, underbrush, underdeveloped, undergo, underhand, underpass, underscore, underwater, submarine, subway, overact

Challenge Words: undertow, overlook, overwhelmed, subcommittee, subarctic

Vocabulary Words: bountiful, stature, roused, intentions, vast, relentless, resourceful, and inadvertently


Biography Book Report Timeline Due 3/19

Biography Book Report Due 3/26

Tentative Upcoming Assessments: 

Grade 4-2:

Friday, 3/23 Religion Chapter 12,  Reading Comprehension, Spelling, and Vocabulary

Grade 4-1:

Friday, 3/23 Religion Chapter 12

Grade 5: 

Friday, 3/23 Religion Chapter 12

Quizlet Links – Study Guides

Reading (Grade 4-2)-

Religion (Grade 4)-

Religion (Grade 5)-

**Vocabulary words have been added to the website quizlet if you would like to practice with online flashcards or games. The website is In the search bar enter mrsrconnor. This will give you a list of all of the study sets I have created.

**Spelling words have been added to Spelling City. I am using the free membership which will allow students to practice spelling words using games and will be able to take practice tests. The link for our class is

**Another great website for math practice is It is a free game that reviews math skills while students have fun! Students were assigned username and passwords for the game.



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