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Dear Parents,

I can’t believe it’s February already! Today, we celebrated the 100th Day of School! The students looked great as an old person! ūüôā We did many activities such as; 100 words we have learned in school and the many ways to make the number ¬†100, ¬†just to name a few!

In Science we are learning about animals; mammals and other types of animals. In the coming weeks, I will be sending home a letter explaining an animal report that your child will be doing. Everything will be explained with an easy and clear understanding of what to do. 

In reading, we are beginning to work on long vowels. This week it’s the long ‘a’. I tell the students that the ‘magic e’, at the end of a word, makes the vowel say its name. It’s important to note that even though we are learning new skills, old skills, such as short vowels, blend digraphs, cvc words, words ending in ‘ed’, ‘ing’, and ‘s’, still have to be practiced from time to time to keep those skills fresh in your child’s mind.

In math, still keep timing your child for 1 minute with their math facts up to 20. Use addition and subtraction ¬†together. If you don’t have flash cards, I strongly recommend that you get some. Knowing math facts, quickly, is a First Grade goal and beyond. Try the Dollar Store, that’s where I bought mine. We play a game ‘math around the world’ where the students pair up with another student and gives the correct answer to a math fact from my flashcards. The student who says the answer first, moves around the room to each and every student. They LOVE IT!


Upcoming  events:


February 13th: Mass @ 9:00 am at The Immaculate Church. All are welcome! Also, it’s early dismissal @ 11:30 and a dress down day!

February 14th: Valentine’s Day Party will begin @ 12 noon – 1:00pm. ¬†

¬† Your child may make their Valentine’s Day Box at home to bring in to school to keep all of their cards and treats in. If you can’t make a box, then some kind of bag will be fine.

A class list was sent home so that your child can give a Valentine’s Day card to every student.

February 18th РFebruary 22nd: Winter Break! Enjoy this time with your family. 


Finally, we will continue to celebrate famous African Americans for Black History month in February. So far the students have learned about Martin Luther King, Jr, Jackie Robinson, and there will be many more to come!


I hope you all have a wonderful Winter Break with your families. Many Blessings and thank you for all you do to prepare your child everyday for school!





Miss Brownlie:)

PS: Spring Training right around the corner! Go Red Sox!















Feel free to email me at: miss.brownlie@icslowell.com



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